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Newest publication: November 17th 2019

An English edition of the Danish book mentioned further down on this page.

The Spiritual Wisdom of India,
New Volume 1

About my search for happiness
and the truth in life with Indian
gurus and palm leaf astrologers

English edition, November 2019
Published by: FlowLab
© Lisbeth Ejlertsen
304 pages

ISBN 978-87-999608-7-3
The hardcover version will be available in January 2020

ISBN 978-87-999608-6-6
Price: 18.95 $

ISBN 978-87-999608-8-0
Price: 5.61 $

This is an authentic book about
Lisbeths journey to Indian wise men
and palm leaf astrologers.
It also gives you insight into
her spiritual journey
through 25 years …

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This is the 2nd edition in English.

The 1st English edition was published in 2017
by the publishing house: AuthorHouse

The 1st edition in English looked like this:

The Danish edition of the same book:

Indiens spirituelle Visdom
Nyt bind 1

Om at søge efter lykken
og sandheden om livet
hos indiske guruer og

Published in May 2017
Published by: FlowLab
© Lisbeth Ejlertsen
284 pages

ISBN 978-87-999608-0-4
Price: 230 DKK

ISBN 978-87-999608-1-1
Price: 149 DKK

Please follow this link to the Danish web page for the book:
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Another Danish book written by Lisbeth:


Følg glæden og energien

Danish edition may 2017
Published by: FlowLab

© Lisbeth Ejlertsen
277 pages, 199 DKK

ISBN: 978-87-999608-2-8
Price: 199 DKK

ISBN 978-87-999608-3-5
Price: 149 DKK

First Danish edition: 2007
Published by: Forlaget Rosinante/
GB-forlagene A/S
© Rosinante & Lisbeth Ejlertsen

Are you in flow?
Do you let joy guide your way?
Does life provide you with energy?

This book will inspire you how to establish contact
with the flow of life …

It guides you how to:

  • gain inner harmony
  • live in an authentic way
  • achieve flow in your private life
  • achieve flow in your work life

Please follow this link to the web page of the book:
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